4. Generate Exchange API Keys

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Once you sign up for your preferred exchange. This is how you’ll connect your exchange account to 3Commas.

When you set up your trading bots on 3Commas, it can communicate with the exchange and trade behind the scenes. So I’m going to show you exactly how to connect your exchange to three commas right now. So the first thing you should do is create an API. 

The API allows 3commas to view your trading account and trade on your behalf. That is, after all, the whole point of trading bots. That’s exactly what we want.

So we’re going to create an API, and this is the data that we’ll use to connect 3Commas to your exchange. We’re going to start from scratch here. I recommend Bybit, but you can use any of the other exchanges.

Select your exchange here:

ByBit API SetupBinance API SetupFTX API Setup

TIP: It is recommended you perform these steps on a PC or Laptop, as it is easiest when able to have 2 browser windows or “tabs” open, one for Bybit and the other for 3Commas.

1. Go to Bybit.

Log in or create a new account on https://www.bybit.com/.

2. Open API dashboard.

Hover over the profile icon on the top right corner, then click API:

3. Click “Create New Key”:

Note! You must enable 2FA to be able to add API keys.

If you see this dialog, click “Confirm”:

Click “Settings” and follow Bybit’s instructions to enable 2FA:

4. Change to “Connect to Third-Party Applications”:

5. Choose 3Commas in the drop-down list:

6. Select permissions.

You must select “Read-Write” option, and “Orders” and “Positions” to use the key with 3Commas:

Don’t change other settings.

7. Click “Submit”:

8. Enter 2FA code, then click “Confirm”:

9. Copy API Key and API Secret somewhere safe or don’t close this window:

That’s it! You have created your Bybit Api! Well done, you are ready for the next step. (5)

Step 1: Visit Binance

Create a new browser tab and log in or create a new account on https://www.binance.com/ with your 3Commas browser tab open.

Step 2: Go to the API Management page.

Select “API Management” by hovering your cursor over the profile symbol in the top right corner.

api management page binance

Step 3: Give your key a name.

When you have a lot of APIs, having a suitable name makes it easier to keep track of them.

“Create API” will be at the top if you already have API keys.


Step 4: Select “Create API” and input two-factor authentication codes.

Enter the SMS, email, and Authenticator Code verification codes.

binance securtiy settings

Step 5: Modify the API restrictions

Select Edit restrictions:

Except for “Enable Withdrawals,” enable the required permissions and click Save:

Restrict access to trusted IPs only: Do not pick this option. 3Commas uses a variety of IP addresses, therefore altering the setting to Restrict access will cause problems. Enabling 2FA on Binance and 3Commas, as well as ensuring that Enable Withdrawals is not chosen, is a recommended security practice.

Note that any of these permissions will generate all four types of Binance accounts automatically: Binance Spot, Binance Cross Margin, Binance USDT-M Futures, and Binance COIN-M Futures.

I recommend that you activate all permissions, as seen in the screenshot above, in order for the API connection to perform properly. If you only need to connect one account, select it from the drop-down box on the My Exchanges page and create the API keys as normal (here’s an example of how to link Binance Futures):

Step 6: Confirm that the keys will expire in 90 days by clicking Ok.

What exactly does this imply?

Binance will uncheck your API key rights after 90 days, but you can re-enable them by changing your API key on Binance.com and re-checking all of the permissions in the previous step! Every 90 days, you do not need to create a new API key, Secret, and re-link it to 3Commas.

Step 7: Paste your Binance API Key into the 3Commas field.

NOTE: This instruction is also valid for connecting FTX.US to 3Commas, as the system automatically detects it👍

Creating keys for the main account and connecting to 3Commas

1. Log in to your account at FTX

2. Follow the link https://ftx.com/external-program-api-keys

3. In the “External Program” drop-down list, select “3Commas”.

4. Click on the button “Create API Key”

5. Copy the API key and API Secret from the modal window that will appear after clicking on the “Create API Key” button.

6. Open the My Exchanges page https://3commas.io/en/accounts and find the FTX exchange in the drop-down list.

7. Fill in the fields “Name”, “API Key”, “API Secret”. Leave the “Sub-Account Name” field blank.

8. Click the “Connect an Exchange” button.

Hooray, you connected FTX and FTX Futures to 3Commas! 🎉

📌 If you only trade on FTX Futures or FTX Spot, then one of the accounts can be deleted.

Creating keys for sub-accounts and connecting to 3Commas

1. Log in to your account at https://ftx.com/

2. Click on your account in the upper right corner.

3. In the drop-down menu, click on “Subaccounts”.

4. In the open modal window, select the sub-account you need to connect to 3Commas. If you do not have a sub-account, then you can create it by clicking “Manage Subaccounts”.

5. For creating a subaccount please click on “CREATE SUBACCOUNT”. In the open modal window, give the name to your subaccount and click on “CREATE SUBACCOUNT”.

6. On the next page or this page https://ftx.com/subaccounts you can transfer part of your funds to this sub-account.

7. Follow the link https://ftx.com/external-program-api-keys if you want to add your FTX created subaccount as well to 3Commas.

8. In the External Program drop-down list, select 3Commas.

9. Click on the button “CREATE API KEY FOR <Your Sub Account Name>”

10. Copy the API key and API Secret from the modal window that appears after clicking on the button “CREATE API KEY FOR <Your subaccount name>”

Step 4 out of 7


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