1. Introduction

botyield ICONWelcome to botyield.com on which I’ll discuss DCA trading bots, an exceptionally powerful method for generating passive income with no prior trading experience. Meaning you do not need to be an expert trader.

I’ll go over a very basic DCA bot strategy, which is dollar cost averaging with the 3Commas platform.

But before we get into the course let me quickly introduce myself. My Name is Niels, I am a 39 years old Dutch guy and I currently live on Bali. This is great place for me to be because this beautiful Island has a thriving and fast growing crypto community, a great climate and it’s filled with amazing people.

I have been involved with crypto for four years before I discovered crypto trading bots. Like many of you I started out by accumulating some bitcoin and from there I slowly expanded my portfolio with altcoins. At first just buying and holding and from there I slowly moved into trading.

But I quickly found out that the trading part did not gave me the returns that I had hoped for. Actually I did a lot better when I was buying and holding coins with a good fundamentals. Reading charts and doing technical analysis is far from easy and it requires many many hours of serious study.

So I stopped trying to figure out trading patterns and staring at tradingview charts and moved back to my old ways of just buying and holding. But then one evening while trying to do some research to find new coins to invest in I discovered a YouTuber who laid out a trading method using trading bots.

He claimed in his video that he made nearly 100K in only 6 months or so with a very simple bot setup using the 3commas platform. The method did not involve reading charts and it promised to generate great returns in a 95% passive way. This right away peaked my interested and that same night I signed up for an 3commas account and had my first bots running two hours later. And boy was I glad that I did.


I left the bots running for little over 3 months without making any changes and made more then 33k! Incredible. So naturally I wanted to pass on this knowledge to the rest of the world. So the first person I let in on this secret was my friend and business partner Bart. And surprise surprise he also achieved great results shortly after setting up his 3commas bots using this method.

Together we improved up on this strategy and implemented some tweaks to get even higher returns. The result of this collaboration you will find on this website that we setup together. We developed multiple great strategies and an amazing tool to trade the hottest trading pairs on complete autopilot by utilizing data from coinmarketcap.com

Okay, so that’s a little background on me, Bart, and this website. Now let’s get started with the strategy that has led to my and Bart’s success with 3commas trading bots.

Here is a screenshot from January 9th 2022 showing that I had just passed the $33000 profit mark.

3commas results botyield 30k

$33117.27 profit in little more than 3 months. So that just goes to show you what’s possible when you’re using our trading bot setup.

Especially in the type of market that we have seen overall in crypto, it’s been a very aggressively growing market.

So here’s a disclaimer, anything that I share is for entertainment and educational purposes only. This is not financial advice, and obviously past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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