5. Connect exchange API to 3Commas

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For the next stages 3Commas should be connected to the API key.

Click the My Exchanges tab whenever you want to connect an exchange account.

Connect exchange API to 3Commas

Connecting the API for the exchange

Choose the exchange to which you want to connect.
3Commas supports a wide range of exchangers, however not all functionalities are available for all of them. Examine the exchanges that are available.

If the exchange name isn’t included in the drop-down box, 3Commas don’t presently support it; however, you can request it by clicking the “Add another exchange” option.

Give the API key a name.

Make it obvious so that you can identify the exchange account.
Because you can link many exchanges to 3Commas, it’s easy to lose track of which account you want to create a trade for; a decent name will help!
This name appears in 3Commas’ trading terminal, bots, statistics, and history.

Fill in the API Key and API Secret fields.

It’s simplest to copy and paste the API Key and Secret with two browser windows open. Please do not link the same API more than once as this will confuse you when trading and will also give the impression that you have more funds accessible than you have! This article will show you how to set up an API on your exchange.

Pass the test (optional, depending on the exchange)
You didn’t see it on the form? You can skip this part if your exchange doesn’t require it.

When you build a new API, you must first generate the pass. It isn’t your trade password or your login password. Every API key has a different one.
More information can be found here..

Customer Identification Number (optional, depending on the exchange)

It’s the name of your exchange account.


After you’ve filled in all of the boxes, click the “Connect an exchange” button.
When it connects, you’ll see the exchange statistics page.

If you get an error message that says “Please wait 30 seconds and try again,” don’t panic; it’s normally because some exchanges need a few minutes to activate the API key. Just keep this screen open for now and click the “Connect an exchange” option again later. While you wait, you may open another browser window and continue browsing.

So we just connected to the exchange after pasting the API key and API secret key into 3Commas. Why have we just done this, granting 3Commas permission to communicate with our exchange on our behalf? So, if you use the 3Commas platform, whatever you’re doing on 3Commas, you don’t need to log into your exchange to trade.

If you want, you can do all your trading with just 3Commas. That’s pretty cool.

Step 5 out of 7

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