6. 3Commas Interface explained

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This is kind of your home page, so this shows you all of your bots.

You can see here under active deals, I have 57 bots running right now.

Overall stats 3commas

if you trade and take profits in dollars, this amount will remain constant because a dollar is a dollar.

I take my profit in cryptocurrency because I don’t want to accumulate any more dollars.

If you take your profit in cryptocurrency, however, the total amount will fluctuate with the market. Remember that if you set your profit in dollars, you are literally earning dollars.

It is stable because it’s the exact dollar profit your bots extracted from the market. Again, this number will fluctuate when you earn profits in cryptocurrency.

So here we are on “my deals” DCA page, this is similar to your home page, where you can monitor the performance of your bots.

Completed deals profit 3commas

What I’m going to do is take a single bot / deal and I’m going to break down the functions that you have on this page before I go into actually setting one up.

For this example we use LUNA versus USD . I’m using USDT, which is identical to USD except it’s called Tether.

It is essentially a crypto that is pegged to the US dollar. So these are the parameters that I’ve set, and I’ll go over how to set them in a moment. But here you can see where your bot is right now, and all the red is completely normal. This is exactly what you want to see, because the bots are filling their orders here, and this is how we make money. 

luna bot 3commas

I’m going to start right here at Filled 0.00%. That is your next purchase order. So, if the price falls from where it is now to around $76.65, it will fill your next order that you have sitting here.

And right here is your take profit. When LUNA reaches $80.65, it will close the order and profit.

Volume: I’m currently using $35.19837900 in LUNA, and I have 0.45000000 LUNA active in this trade.

3commas bought status

Status: Is bought and it will always say bought here, because I only buy, I don’t short. 

S.O: These are your safety orders, and you can see that I have 8 safety orders completed. There is 1 active safety order, which means there are two orders awaiting in the order books; I’ll show you how to set this up a little bit later.

Because I have a maximum of ten I completed 8 out of 10. 

Then you’ve got your ID number and your start time. So this bot started 1/18/2022 at 5:57:260. 

3commas deal start timeOK, we’ll come down here now. So, obviously, cancel means cancel. And cancel effectively cancels the bot deal as well as any unfilled orders. This is critical. If your bot is running a loss, it will not magically return your money.

cancel deal 3 commas

What if you cancel all of your unfulfilled orders? You keep everything you’ve already purchased. So, in this case, I purchased 0.45000000 LUNA. I’d keep that LUNA, and the bot will no longer do any more trades. 

close at market price button

Close at market price: If you click this button, it will ask you if you want to close at the market price. It will basically cancel your deal, all unfilled orders, and close the current position at market price no matter if it’s a profit or loss.

reverse-bot-dca 3commas

Reverse Bot: This is a relatively new feature that they are developing. This essentially means that instead of going long (buying) you can sell what you’ve bought. That is something we do not want to do.

edit dca deal 3commas

Edit: When you click it, you can actually change your current deal settings, which is really cool; I set my target profit percentage to 3%. I can literally change this to 15% if I wanted to, and you’ll notice that whatever you put here changes your target price. I’m going to keep it set to 3%.

add funds button 3commas

Add Funds: If you click this, you will be able to configure orders. The only time you’d want to do this is if your bot has already filled every single safety order and you want it to continue to dollar cost average, in which case you can manually set those orders. You should never have to do this if you use similar settings to mine.

smart trade convert 3commas button

Smart trade convert: This actually takes your current bot and converts it to a trade. So, let’s say you filled 10 or 20 safety orders and have a good-sized position. But you think to yourself, “You know what? I have a good feeling about it, I believe the price will rise significantly higher than my current take profit.

So, instead of making 1.5% you want to try to make 10%. This is where this feature comes in handy. if you click it, it will say that the current deal will be canceled, and it will redirect you to smart trade with the same parameters.

refresh button DCA bot 3commas

Refresh: This is where your deal is right now. This is the kind of thing you’d want to watch all day. I could watch it all day 🙂 but you don’t have to. And there is a far superior tool for keeping track of all your bots and deals.

Step 6 out of 7

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